10 Largest Grain Farms in America

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Interested in furthering your grain business? Then you might be interested in our list of 10 largest grain farms in America.

Because this country is full of rich ground ideal for growing the some of the best grain in the world. Though the major grain growing states mostly encompass the Midwest, other states like Texas, Washington and Montana also play an important part. Who knew grain could be grown in so many different climates? Some of the largest grain farms in Illinois are actually trumped by others found in Texas.

But before we get started, we want to make clear which definition of “large” we’re using. After all, a large grain farm could mean one that spans many acres or locations. But a large grain farm could also mean one that’s successful and growing. We chose the latter definition, and we discovered some of America’s most profitable grain farms by researching farms all over the main grain farming states.

Largest Grain Farms in America


We determined their success by the customer reviews we found online, on sites like Facebook and Yelp. On these online locations, most grain farms have a profile to which customers can post their opinions about the business. A rating of up to 5 stars can be given by anyone with an account, which shows other potential customers whether or not it’s a good company.

So after searching out grain farms in the major farming states (including Washington, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Illinois and Ohio), we then looked at the reviews each farm had. Our first criteria was based on ratings (how many stars the farm acquired). And since we’re showing you only the best grain farms, if a farm got less than 4.5 stars, we gave it 1 point. If a farm got anywhere between 4.5 and 4.9 stars, we gave it 2 points and if a farm got 5 stars we gave it 3 points. Our second criteria for largest row crop farms in the US was based on number of ratings, since a five star rating doesn’t mean a whole lot if only one person has rated it. To farms that had less than 10 customer ratings, we gave 1 point. To farms that had anywhere between 10-20 customer ratings, we gave 2 points. And to farms that had over 20 customer ratings, we gave 3 points. This makes for a total points possible amount of 6, which the farm at the bottom of our list did achieve.

Also keep in mind, we only counted farms that specifically grow grains such as corn, and wheat, which can be used for the agricultural benefit of the country and its farmers. Some of the world’s largest row crop farms below also grow produce or other crops, but grain is one of the things they grow as well.

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One more note – the pictures below are not representative of the farms indicated, they’re merely for your visual enjoyment.

Now we can get to our list of 10 largest grain farms in America. We are starting off with the last out of seven farms which share the fourth place on our list. Hope you enjoy!

4. Premier Grain LLC of Ohio

4 points

The motto of Premier is “helping farmers feed the world,” and they literally do serve customers all over the world.

Largest Grain Farms in America

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