10 Easiest Illnesses to Fake to a Doctor

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If you wanna know how to convince a doctor you are sick when you’re actually fit as a fiddle, here’s a list of 10 easiest illnesses to fake to a doctor!

From time to time, we all need a day or two off. Otherwise, life would just be too boring, wouldn’t it? We’d be doing our daily routines and waiting for the right time for our vacation. But that doesn’t sound like much fun. Telling a little lie to a doctor and escaping work for a few days is exciting and adventurous. Actually, it’s very good for your self-confidence to feel you can break the system once in a while. Your boss should be thanking you because you’re bound to get back to work with renewed energy and in high spirits. Also, you’ll probably be more creative (makes perfect sense, doesn’t it)

10 Easiest Illnesses to Fake to a Doctor


If you’re a student reading this, you’re here because you could really use a free day or two, too. At least for not getting an F in algebra. For all this happy scenario you just need one teeny tiny sheet of paper – a doctor’s note. If you wish to fake a doctor’s note for work, there are two ways to go around this. First, you can order one online, for instance at Templates, download and complete it. With a bit of luck, you’ll be on your way home soon enough. The second way makes you wonder what symptoms to tell a doctor to get a sick certificate. You’ll have the original stamp and signature, but you’ll have to lie the doctor to his/her face. If you feel uneasy about it, don’t worry. Doctors are actually quite used to it, and you don’t even have to be a good liar (at least, not in the cases we have in mind).

In order to trace the best illness to fake for school or work, we checked with New Health Advisor, Digital SpyQoctorBest Fake Doctors Notes, and Daily Mail. You’ll see soon enough how to fake sick to stay home from school, and you won’t have to study how to make fake puke. We looked for the easiest ways to fake an illness, and we also searched the suggestions further at Best Fake Doctors Notes and Daily Strength to see if the symptoms are really easy to imitate. Most of them require just a bit of acting, while others may involve a bit more preparation, e.g., pretending to have a runny nose. If you wish to know how to fake illness to get admitted to hospital, we can only advise you that you complain of chest pain. Of course, you should always first go to the emergency room and bring all your personal documents with you to make the process easier. Nevertheless, after running some tests, you might end up with a huge bill (depending on your insurance).

If you’re really into doing whatever it takes to get some free time or avoid certain events at school or work, you might be interested in reading about easiest ways to break your finger, hand or wrist with little pain. Without a doubt, those will get you the doctor’s note in no time.

However, if you are too keen on your own health and wellness, take a look at our 10 easiest illnesses to fake to a doctor! With a bit of acting and a bit of cream, you can pull off whichever illness you prefer! They’re given in no particular order. Most importantly, they all work flawlessly (we ruled out period pain since it doesn’t work for both sexes).

10. Back pain

How is one to tell that your back doesn’t ache if you put on that strenuous expression? There’s no way to see through this one. Hardly is a doctor to send you to x-ray your spine if you complain about your constant seating at the desk. If you’re 50 something, we guarantee it works like a charm!

Easiest Illnesses to Fake to a Doctor

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