10 Easiest Flags to Draw in the World

Here we present our list of the easiest flags to draw in the world.

With roots reaching the essence of Latin language, ’Vexillum’ was the first ever word which set the basis for the particular concept of a ‘Flag’. For a long time now, countries are using a flag as a symbol which not only represents the identity of a country but also depicts its sovereign principles.

It’s funny how we all were cut from the same cloth and then divided on the basis of identity, race, ethnicity, and culture. But the fact remains the same – environment is subject to change and with time, humanity has evolved and undergone some major shifts. With increasing population, conflict of interests and values, humans divided and differentiated themselves on the basis of various factors resulting in the invention of ‘Socio-political’ environment. And with that, the time had come when they had to declare their identity to preserve their motive and principle values. This is where the concept of flag emerged with the need not only to show the emblem but to declare a signature that depicted their culture and solidarity of their principles.

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10 Easiest Flags to Draw in the World


It is said that the oldest flag is of ‘Denmark’ which has been called by various names over the periods of time, for instance, ‘Dannebrog’ or ‘Danish Cloth’. The record shows that this oldest flag was registered back in 1307 and has been in use ever since. The story of this flag goes way back in time and legends say that the flag came into Danish possession during the Battle of Lyndanisse in 1219.

What most of us don’t realize is that flags belong to their respective family. Funny, isn’t? Mostly the fact goes unnoticed that there are ‘seven’ families of flags which are classified on the basis of the similar architecture and design of the emblem. As a matter of fact, one-third of all flags can be categorized according to the seven families they belong to. From complex designs to untold stories, all are embedded in a country’s flag. But how do we determine, which one is the easiest to draw? Isn’t it easier to draw a straight line or a cross and a triangle or may be a square than to draw, say, a dragon or an eagle or a sigil (which is a sign or a symbol) or even a palm tree? So we looked at all the national flags on Photius and listed the top 10 flags which are easiest to draw in the world on the basis of its design complexity or simplicity if you may say. In other words we picked the flags based on our personal opinion and feel for drawing. So, yes, this is a subjective ranking, but please feel free to share your opinion on these, and let us know if we have missed some one out that should have earned its place here. Please also note that we wanted to make this list more diverse and interesting which is why we didn’t include all Tricolor flags, but only some (picked randomly), as you all are aware of the simplicity when it comes to drawing Tricolor flags. Otherwise our list would have only those types of flags. The information about the history and origin of flags quoted and mentioned in the article is the courtesy of PatriotWood, FlagStories and WorldFlags101. Follow along to see which are the easiest flags to draw in the world.