7 Obscure Countries with Funny Names and Their Capitals

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If you’re a travel or geography buff, you’ll definitely enjoy 7 obscure countries with funny names and their capitals.

The world is a big place, but it’s full of many tiny and obscure locations, too. It contains all kinds of cultures and lifestyles most people have no clue about. You know what else it contains that most people have no clue about? These countries.

But with so many countries taking over other countries, and with new countries frequently gaining independence, who can keep track? It’s hard enough to pronounce these country’s names, let alone remember them.

That’s why, in our list of 7 obscure countries, we also listed the pronunciation of each country along with its name. By telling others that you not only know these countries exist, but how to pronounce them, they’ll automatically consider you a genius. (For even more intelligence-boosting reading material, see also: 10 Smallest States in the US by Population.)

7 Obscure Countries with Funny Names and Their Capitals


There are 196 countries in all including countries like Taiwan which some don’t consider an actual country. (Though Taiwan does act as one.) We all know the main ones that take up whole continents. And most people are also aware that Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Iraq exist. You may be vaguely aware that there are a few middle eastern countries with the suffix “-stan.” And the only island countries are Hawaii and the Bahamas, right? Throw a few others in (especially those that have been recently named in the news), and you’ve got about half of the 196.

Meanwhile, poor Moldova has been sadly forgotten by most of the world, along with probably a hundred others. Just think, if you lived in Botswana, you’d feel awful about that.

Just like the kids who have to suffer because of the off-the-wall names their parents gave them. Whenever people ask them their name, it’s a constant hardship. But when people ask natives from obscure countries where they’re from, just think of the anxiety.

Let’s help that by giving a shoutout to seven of these poor neglected countries. We’ll tell you their capitals too, along with a brief bit of information about them.

You’re sure to be well informed after reading our list of 7 obscure countries with funny names and their capitals. Have fun!

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