10 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks To Buy and Hold

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Investing in any of the 10 best Canadian dividend stocks to buy and hold is the perfect way to gain exposure to the Canadian market and the country’s bountiful natural resources, which many Canadian stocks owe thanks to.

Canada has its own robust stock market, the Toronto Stock Exchange, which has over 3,000 companies listed on it, making it one of the most populated exchanges in the world. Canada also ranks fifth overall in terms of listed companies by country, trailing only India, the U.S, Japan, and Spain.

Nonetheless, many of the largest Canadian companies are listed on both the TSX and U.S exchanges, so as to reach a larger pool of investors. Some Canadian companies eschew the TSX entirely and are listed solely on U.S exchanges, so it’s quite easy for Americans to invest in the Canadian market. There are 176 Canadian companies listed in the U.S according to Nasdaq.com, with precious metals and energy companies accounting for a disproportionate amount of those stocks.

Given the propensity with which mining and energy companies pay dividends, Canadian stocks are fertile ground for income investors looking for new income streams, allowing them to diversify their portfolios geographically in the process. To help investors in their search, we have scoured through every Canadian stock trading in the U.S which pays a dividend and ranked them based on the ownership of those stocks among the collection of world-class hedge funds in our database (the stock with the higher dividend yield is ranked higher in the event of a tie).

That’s what we do at Insider Monkey and our flagship strategy has returned 44.2% since February 2016 vs. a 29.6% gain for the S&P 500 index ETF (SPY). Our most recent stock picks, which were disclosed to our subscribers in the middle of February, beat the market by 5 percentage points in the three months that followed and our latest picks were released in the middle of May. Our system is easy for investors to implement, with just a small batch of trades to be executed once per quarter.

For an even more comprehensive list of potential dividend stocks to add to your portfolio, check out our list of the 76 best insurance dividend stocks to invest in. Now then, head to the next page to begin the countdown of the 10 best Canadian dividend stocks to buy and hold.

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