11 Best Climate Change Charities in US, Canada, UK, and Australia

This is the list of best climate change charities in US, Canada, UK, and Australia. We decided to create this list to help people who would like to donate their funds to reliable organizations that will use them for fighting the climate change and minimizing its consequences.

The donation to charity is one of the noblest gestures in today’s world. Both blue and white collar employees, as well as some of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs in the world, use their funds to support the causes they believe in. Global warming and climate change are the most disastrous changes in weather patterns, caused by the mass consumerism and fast development of human civilization.

11 Best Climate Change Charities in US, Canada, UK, and Australia


We still don’t have strict environmental regulations that would slow down the climate changes, because wealthy lobbyists from various industries are investing billions of dollars to keep environmental disasters ‘under the rug.’ In addition to this many governments have failed to respond to the disastrous effects caused by the global warming. If you want to read more about the subject, we recommend you to take a look at our list of 11 worst countries that are responsible for global warming after you find the best climate charity.

Fortunately, now when science community has undoubtedly said that climate changes are real, fight against this dangerous phenomenon is easier than ever before. That is also the reason why climate change charities are becoming much more popular in the last couple of years. The struggle against climate change and the corporate interests that are ignoring it and putting the whole world in danger is far from being over. Environmental organizations will need much more funds and undoubted government support across the globe to decrease the world’s carbon footprint and mitigate the consequences of poisonous fumes that we are letting into the atmosphere.

We wanted to give our contribution to this noble cause by making a list of the best climate change charities in US, Canada, UK, and Australia. This way you will be able to choose the organizations that will use funds for making a real change. Apart from donating money to the organizations from this list, the best way to help the fight against climate change is to support the local environmental organizations, run by the trusted individuals. The general rule when donating money to charitable organizations is to check their status in IRS and on various charity ranking websites. Also avoid organizations with copy-cat names and the ones that use telemarketing, e mail spam and other ‘black hat’ marketing techniques.

Climate change charity organizations aren’t only looking for money. So, if you are short on cash at the moment, you can also offer yourself to volunteer and support the cause with work. Every respectful nonprofit organization will gladly accept committed activist, who wants to spread the word about the cause and motivate other people to donate.

As sources for finding the USA entries for the list, we have used articles from two respected and reliable environmental websites. Earth Easy helped us finding environmental charities with high impact. We have also used Earth 911 to find even more climate change non-profit organizations. We have combined this information with the data from the Social Work Helper’s article.

Since we needed to equally rely on charities from all four countries we have also consulted the four most reliable charity review platforms. Charity Navigator for the United States, Change Path for Australia, Charity Intelligence for Canada and Alive and Giving for the United Kingdom entries. All of these charities provide data about the annual revenue of each organization. We have used these figures for ranking the organizations and creating a list of the best climate change charities in US, Canada, UK, and Australia.