10 Worst Airlines in the World

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Would you like to find out which airlines are considered the worst airlines in the world? If you’ve ever taken a plane somewhere, you know that air travel can be great, making it possible to cover huge distances in relatively short periods of time. However, you are probably also aware of what a terrible time passengers can have, especially when flying economy class. Small seats and bad food are just two of the many things customers complain about regularly, yet they are certainly not the only aspects in desperate need of improvement on some airlines.

All Nippon Airways

As everyone can imagine, the in-flight experience aboard some of the worst airlines in the world, rates poorly on every level. Whether cabin cleanliness, quality of meals, entertainment, comfort, or service, the passenger reviews for all ten airline companies contained in our list were very negative. In some cases, customers were so unhappy with the service provided, that one wonders how these firms even manage to stay in business. Well, the answer is sometimes simple: certain destinations can only be reached by taking some of the worst airlines in the world, since they are the only ones that reach particularly remote destinations or fly between certain routes that may be more convenient for the flyer.

If you wish to visit some of the most expensive countries to fly to, which we have covered in a previous post, then make sure you steer clear of the airlines appearing in the following list. Some of these firms are not only renowned for their poor service, but are also rather unsafe, having lost a couple  of planes over the years.

With safety issues now also a concern, it is rather evident that traveling with the worst airlines in the world can be rather stressful. Hence, if you want to have a great time while on your trip and not worry about having a bad in-flight experience, be sure to avoid the following ten companies.

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