Easy Money: The 10 Most Successful Investors in the World Today

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Would you like to know who the most successful investors in the world are? These individuals are not only respected for their cunning business decisions, but also for their ability to seek out winners on Wall Street and foresee significant financial trends. The depth of their insight into this world of finance is an incredible valuable asset, from which the most successful investors in the world have profited extensively. They are now amongst the richest people in the world thanks to their savvy investments and sharp eye for new opportunities.

Warren Buffett

Despite being a world renowned investor, Warren Buffett is a self-made man that never forgets his roots, which is why many people are interested in learning a thing or two about how to go about life from him. Thus, in a previous article we took a look at the 20 most inspirational Warren Buffett quotes on business, investing and life, and got some wisdom from this phenomenal investment specialist. As one of the most successful investors of all times, his advice on business is particularly sought-after. Warren Buffett’s stock market activity is also followed closely, with many people trusting his business decisions with complete faith.

This kind of influence is wielded only by the most successful investors in the world, which not only command huge wealth, but also have the ability to push the market in certain directions. In theory, they could create a buzz around a stock or industry with ease if they wanted to, or seal the fate of certain corporations. Yet for profits to remain solid over time, these investors seem to have discovered one simple fact: economic growth and stability are better for stock prices in the long run. Thus, you won’t see these guys gambling, but rather, strategically investing large portions of money.

Now let’s finally see who the most successful investors in the world are for 2014 and who managed to make it all the way to the top!

10. Suleiman Kerimov – $7.1 billion

The inspirational life story of Suleiman Kerimov, who came from nothing and is now a billionaire, is quite amazing. As a low-income accountant, he managed to finally switch to the banking sector and make a fortune through investments.

9. August von Finck – $8.4 billion

Unlike others on this list, August von Finck was blessed since birth, as one of the grandchildren of the founder of the German insurance company Allianz. He has managed his wealth wisely as well, making additional billions on the stock market.

8. Edward Johnson III – $9.3 billion

Thanks to being in charge of Fidelity Investments, Edward Johnson III has managed to pile on to his family fortune. Despite the fact that his father started the company, Edward had to work his way to the top like anybody else, starting out as an entry-level analyst.


The most successful investors in the world hit the $10 billion mark on the next page, as our countdown of the most brilliant investors continues.

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