Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: The 6 Comedians Seinfeld Needs to Interview

The newest season of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee launched last week with a short skit starring Michael Richards, followed by a great interview with Kevin Hart. The season premiere was apparently the most successful episode of the entire series yet, which continues to soar in popularity since its relatively unheralded beginning.

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The upcoming season features a great mix of comedians, including Amy Schumer, one of the best new roasters on the Comedy Central Roasts (waiting for a new one CC), Bill Burr, former Saturday Night Live member Fred Armisen, YouTube sensation Miranda Sings (a fictional character created by comedian Colleen Ballinger), Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, and Ali Wentworth.

Fans of Seinfeld’s hit TV show will remember Wentworth from the legendary Soup Nazi episode, where she played Jerry’s girlfriend with whom he shared an embarrassing penchant for calling each other “schmoopie”.  He eventually disavowed knowing her in front of said Soup Nazi after they got caught kissing in his line.

It was of course that hit TV show on NBC from 1989 to 1998, arguably the greatest TV series ever, which propelled Jerry to worldwide recognition, and set him up for life as one of the Richest Stand Up Comedians in the World. Did Jerry top the list with his estimated $800 million (which he denies) fortune? Check out our list to see.

Given Jerry’s enduring appeal as a standup comedian, and the wealth of friends in the business he has from his nearly 40-year career, it’s not surprising that he’s managed to interview some of comedy’s biggest icons on his series thus far, including Jay Leno, David Letterman, Don Rickles, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Louis C.K, Sarah Silverman, Carl Reiner, and Mel Brooks. Yet for all that, which has made for four terrific seasons thus far and counting, there are six great comedians who would make for tremendous interviews that Jerry needs to get on his show ASAP.

A list like this is bound to stir up debate, but first, a disclaimer. This is not a list of the six “best” comedians that Jerry has yet to interview, per se. Rather, it is a list of the six comedians which in my opinion would make for the funniest and most interesting interviews with Jerry. Let’s get on with it then, starting with…