The 10 Most Expensive Countries to Fly To

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If you’re planning a trip, you’re probably curious to know which countries are the most expensive countries to fly to. If so, this list will certainly come in handy. Each destination has its attractions, and depending on their proximity, infrastructure, popularity, and so on, the price for getting there fluctuates, along with the total cost of the journey. In general though, these will be the most expensive countries to fly to for yourself and anyone else making the journey with you.

Some countries are known for being pretty expensive. Indeed, cost of living affects country residents directly, but it is also an important variable regarding tourism, given that travelers who wish to visit these places have to adjust to the local budgets. Depending on the prices of consumer goods, such as groceries, transportation, utilities, and restaurants, different countries have diverse costs of living. This information is important for those choosing a traveling destination, as a tourist’s pocket is always influenced by the macro-economic dynamic of each country they visit. We have compiled a list featuring the Top 15 Most Expensive Countries in the World – 2014, revealing some of the priciest countries in the globe. Some of these you might imagine are on the Scandinavian Peninsula; Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the like, but Venezuela also has a pretty high cost of living index.

Yet when it comes to tourism, the total price of a journey involves different factors such as traveling costs, accommodation costs, meals, cultural attractions, public transportation, and other entertainment costs. Each destination has its own average cost,  which depends of these elements. But also, when getting to a certain country, we can see that some have higher airfare costs than others. For example, to board a flight in Finland costs approximately $138.90 per 100km, while boarding one in India costs just $10.36 per 100km. And of course, flight prices affect the total fare of a journey. The price of flights depends on the departure spot, as well as other factors such as the time of the year, holiday season, and airport, among other elements.

Moreover, airline ticket prices sometimes seem like a brain-teaser. A flight from Chicago to Miami might cost twice as much as a flight to Memphis. The thing is that the fares travelers pay typically have little relation to the distance of the destination. Long trips might cost less than short trips. Airline pricing is very complex, and is driven by variables such as competition, types of passengers, the route, and its operating costs. Yet, the key factor is whether the airlines fly in a market. While low-cost carriers set their prices in markets, because competitors feel compelled to match that price or risk losing customers and flying empty seats, some other big airlines behave radically differently when setting prices.

Taking into account research done by, here’s our list of the ten most expensive countries to fly to!

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