The 10 Richest Fitness Gurus In the World to Pump You Up

Want to know who the richest fitness gurus in the world are today? There’s no doubt about it, fitness and health are issues of great concern in the times we are living in. Hence, the health and fitness industries have become very profitable lines of work: nutritionists, doctors, personal trainers, health experts, wellness life coaches and fitness gurus are only some of the many occupations in the market. Our countdown lists the richest fitness gurus in the world according to their net worth, and you’ll come to see that this is a lucrative calling indeed.

Richest Fitness Gurus In the World

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Are you curious about the richest fitness gurus in the world? Let’s take a look at the countdown and start the work out!


T9. Shaun Thompson

Net worth: $10 million

Better known as Shaun T, this 36-year-old American choreographer and fitness trainer began his career as Mariah Carey’s backup dancer. When he was still working as a personal trainer and teaching a fitness class at Equinox Fitness, representatives of a new fitness company asked him to submit a demo video for a new fitness workout home video series. Shaun T is now a celebrity fitness guru, famous for his Insanity and Hip-Hop Abs programs.


T9. Jackie Warner

Net worth: $10 million

Jackie Warner has done it all: acting, modeling, personal training and even coordinating scripts at Warner Brothers. On top of it all, she is also the proud owner of a gym and spa in Beverly Hills: Sky Sport and Spa. Moreover, this fitness guru is a published author and a T.V. personality; she has been featured on two Bravo reality shows, Work Out and The Intervention with Jackie Warner.


8. Richard Simmons

Net worth: $15 million

Though he’s not the wealthiest of fitness gurus, Richard Simmons definitely gets the title of the most noted fitness personality. The king of aerobics is now 66 years old but still working unrelentingly; he’s more than just a physical health expert, he’s also a political activist and an actor. The flamboyant career of Richard Simmons started in the 80’s with a series of aerobics home workout videos, but his light won’t go out just yet; Simmons still rocks his old perm and will continue to inspire people about health for years to come.

The list of the richest fitness gurus in the world continues on the next page, and you know if these guys are wealthier than Simmons, they’re doing something right.