The 11 Most Resource Deprived Countries in the World

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You’ll find almost no natural resources in these 11 most resource deprived countries in the world. Natural resources have both been beneficial and important to a lot of countries. They’ve provided a boost in economy and the chance for a country to grow and develop. Natural resources have also made trading, import and export possible. It’s interesting to see how there are some countries in the world that are deprived of these natural resources, but these countries have learned to adapt to their situation.

Some countries listed here have been severely affected by this lack and have made the country somewhat stagnant. There are those who’ve adapted and learned to function without it. Some of these countries have even risen to the top and are considered among the world’s best. You can say that these deprived countries still have a chance of being the 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World. You might even notice that some countries here are already included in that list. There’s also another end of the spectrum – countries rich with natural resources lack the finances or proper management to take advantage of them.

What countries do you think are resource deprived? You might be surprised as some of these popular countries are ones you won’t expect to be listed here. Let them be inspirations to us. There is always a hope to turn things better. Let’s move to the first country in this list:

11. South Korea

Ironically, most of the natural resources in the Korean peninsula are located in North Korea. As a result, South Korea was previously plagued by a lack of resources as well as overpopulation. They have learned to overcome it as this once a poor country is now one of the best performing economies in the world.


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