10 Most Beautiful States in the US

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Listing 10 most beautiful states in the US is a very tricky quest since beauty is something highly subjective. There is no one esthetic rule that can be followed. We all know that mathematical proportions are not something worth of admiration when it comes to natural beauty. There are few photographers who have disproved the theory that perfectly symmetrical faces are the most beautiful ones. It seems like the nature always knows what it is doing. And so, we’ve come to the most important element that will help us create the list of the most beautiful states – nature. Most likely we can all agree that the nature has an important role in the richness of a state.

But then again we are not searching for the most beautiful landscapes in the US; instead, we are looking for the 10 most beautiful states, and that means we have to consider other relevant factors too. Since a “state” is an organized community living under one government, we have to include other factors relevant to a large number of people that are living in a state and forming it at the same time. Therefore, we can’t exclude the beautiful things that were created by man, which as well as nature, make states and countries recognizable. You guessed it – we will try to rank the states by their beauty counting, not only miraculous nature and wilderness, but, also the greatness of their architecture. So, don’t be surprised when you don’t find, in our list, extraordinary Alaska, or some other states known for its breathtaking natural wonders. We’ve tried to include in our list states that have not only beautiful nature, but at least one structure or monument that is in the list of 150 “America’s Favorite Architecture” created by American Institute of Architects . And, if you are interested in the beautiful countries in the world, and to see how does the US ranks,  check out our list of 14 of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Without further ado, we present you the list of 10 most beautiful states in the US:

10. Illinois

Illinois Starved rock state park, wilderness

Famous Tribune Tower in Chicago, Illinois, has made it to the list of 150 “America’s Favorite Architecture”. But this structure is not the only one since Chicago is a city very well known for its architecture. So, what does Illinois has to offer us when it comes to nature? How about Starved Rock State Park, Rend Lake, Big Bend State Fish and Wildlife Area, and Green River State Wildlife Area?

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