10 Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made

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Some of the most expensive TV commercials ever made are surprisingly not annoying but something that viewers have liked and enjoyed. TV ads are bound to be irritating, especially when they interrupt us in between a good movie or a baseball game but commercials in below mentioned list have not only been able to fulfill their marketing purpose but have also impressed the viewers.

Sometimes those fantastic commercials can be very expensive, and they can make people wonder – how is it worth it to spend all that money for just one commercial? But, marketing is a serious investment that can create enormous profit. If anybody wants to sell its product, they can’t avoid investing in marketing.


Those TV commercials that  cause more profit and succeed in popularizing the product, are usually the ones that interrupt us when watching our favorite show. And the more popular TV show is, the more it costs to have a commercial break while airing it. What is interesting the most is that those TV shows earn money precisely from those commercials. If you are curious to find out which are some of the most profitable TV shows, check out our list of Top 10 Most Profitable TV Shows. What do you think – how much would it cost to have your commercial break while airing one of them? Pretty expensive.

Some of the big names in business like Apple, Coca-Cola & Pepsi have totally revolutionize the television commercial industry and the amount of budget they had was simply amazing – let’s take a look at some of the most expensive ads ever made.

1. Guinness Bear ($20 million)

The best thing about this ad was not the 5 star budget but the fact that it featured no celebrity or special effects. The beer itself was the star and the commercial had some excellent domino engineering. It is hardly a 2 minute ad, which reveals the brand’s famous tag line “Good things come to those who wait” at the end.


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