10 Most Forested States in the US

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Are you in love with nature and curious to find out which are the most forested states in the US? We are also nature enthusiasts and that’s why we’ve collected some information about the forests in the US. If you ever thought that most of the beautiful forests in the US are federal, then you would be surprised to hear that 59% of the total forest land in the US is private. Public entities together with the state government make up 10%, which means that only 31 % of the forest land is federal. There are 155 National Forests that cover 190 million acres, but when it comes to the entire forestland in the US, there are over 822,000,000 acres. This does seem like a lot of forests, but let see how the US ranks by forested area when counting the entire world: The US is in 4th place with 3,030,890 km2 of the forested area, behind Canada, Brazil, and Russia. First on the list, vast Russia has 7,762,602 km2 of the forestland, which is enough to cover 45.40% of its entire land area. How much land area is forested in the US? Land area in the US that is forested covers 30.84% of it. Do you know which are the most forested states in the US, thanks to which the US is this highly ranked in the world? Keep reading, and very soon you will find out.

All this talk about the number of forests and the area covered with forestland is only one piece of the puzzle. And when we look at the bigger picture and compare these numbers to the ones that were 10 or more years ago, we will face the awful truth – nature on Earth is at risk. All forests around the world are at risk, because of the many factors, from which the most important ones are: wildfires, pest infestation and disease outbreak, invasive species, water quality and quantity, and of course climate changes. As you can see, our greatest treasure in the world is at risk, thanks to something that we have done or that we are still doing. Did you know that people cause 90% of all forest fires? More about the wildfires and their cause you can find in our list of 10 states with the most forest fires. Also don’t forget to check out our article about the 10 most beautiful states in the US.

Because of all of this, we have to be aware of everything that we are doing, and should take more care about the ecology. Even the slightest changes in our habits can help a lot. Think what would happen if every person on this planet would plant a single tree? But, unfortunately, we are pretty far from that ever happening. That’s why we should be proud of our most forested states and try to preserve their most valuable wealth – their forests. We’ve collected information about the “wealthiest” states from 2010 National Association of State Foresters – State Forestry Statistics Survey Report. It’s time to see which are the 10 most forested states in the US:

10. Idaho


Total forestland in million acres : 22,189

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