10 Most Democratic States in America

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Do you know which are 10 most Democratic states in America?  Thanks to Gallup‘s survey we have answer to this question, but before we list most Democratic states in America, let’s start with the entire country and find out how America ranks among the most Democratic countries in the world. According to Democracy Ranking Association from Vienna, Austria the US is not among the first 10 most Democratic countries in the entire world. It is in 16th place, behind Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and France. How did they rank most Democratic countries? By considering many factors such as press freedom, political stability, civil liberty, corruption, the political right, etc. So, if you’ve believed that America was the most Democratic country in the world, then this ranking must have been quite unpredictable for you. Keep reading to find out  if the list of most Democratic states in America is also going to be surprising for you.

According to Gallup’s survey in November 2014, after the elections, 41% percent of the population was Democratic, and 42% was Republican. Consider that these are tiny differences and that these estimates vary from year to year. For example, the survey from a year before has shown that 42% of Americans were politically independent. According to the survey in 2014, 15 states were considered as safely Republican or leaning Republican, 17 states safely Democratic or leaning Democratic and 18 states were considered as “competitive between 2 parties”. These “competitive states” are the ones in which neither party has advantage greater than 5 percentage points. Can you guess which states are highly competitive by the latest Gallup’s survey? States that have less than 1 percentage point difference between the parties are Ohio, Nevada and Louisiana. You have probably guessed by now that the most Democratic states Gallup ranked by the percentage of Democratic Party advantage.

statue-of-liberty-with behind letters liberate

Before we finally list you 10 most Democratic states in America, we will also present you the other side of the spectrum – the list of 10 most Republican states, created by Gallup as well. And they are:

  1. Wyoming 35,5%
  2. Utah 33,1%
  3. Idaho 25,2%
  4. South Dakota 18,4%
  5. Montana 17,7%
  6. Alabama 14,1%
  7. Kansas 12,3%
  8. Tennessee 11,3%
  9. North Dakota 11,1%
  10. Nebraska 10,9

Percentages show the Republican advantage.

You were probably wondering – what was the method of the survey? Well, Gallup  has questioned around 177,034 adults (18 or older) living in all 50 states.  What is interesting the most is that these stats haven’t been significantly changing through the years. Even 9 states were in the top 10 every time. We have managed to find another ranking of the most Democratic states in America which was conducted by the analysis of several factors such as votes in few previous presidential elections, control of the state legislatures, the parties of the past three governors, etc. They ranked the states in this order starting with the most Democratic one: Washington, Minnesota, Oregon, California, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Now you can compare this and Gallup’s list to see if there are any matches between them. Since Democracy is often associated  with Liberalism you may want to check our list of the US’s 10 most Liberal states as well, and compare it too. Also don’t forget to check out our article about the 10 most beautiful states in the US.

And finally 10 most Democratic states in America in 2014, by Gallup, in reverse order are:

10. Connecticut and New Jersey have a tie!

flags-library Connecticut, Stamford

The Democratic advantage is 11,7%.

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