The 7 Most Theatrical Bands of All Time

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Using special effects and lighting to enhance an artists’ performance is a well-known staple of the music industry, but which are the most theatrical bands of all time? From insane costumes, to blown-up hair and on-stage theatrics, these bands carry the drama badge fearlessly on their chest and managed to gain a cult-like following throughout their careers. Like the 10 most influential songs of all time, which we covered in a previous article, these musicians stand out for their musical talent but also for their creativity.


Now, we all know a live show is more entertaining when acrobats are flying through the air and the stage is on fire, but some artists have made theatricality their trademark. In fact, the musical sub-genre art rock focuses on uniting rock and roll music with an artistic approach, emphasizing motion, rhythmic color and visual effects. So, let’s take a look at most theatrical bands of all time and see what makes them so unique.

7. Van Halen

David Lee Roth and company may not have been keen on wearing much in the way of clothing on stage, however their drama is fueled by acrobatic kicks, hair-flinging and a die-hard rock and roll attitude. During their success peak in the 70’s and 80’s, Van Halen was known for putting on impressive shows that always left people wondering if David Lee was a trained dancer (due to his perfected ballet splits and kicks) or just highly strung. Either way, this band knew how to entertain.

The six most theatrical bands of all time are ready to show their stuff; read on to find out who they are.

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