The 8 Most Famous Singer-Actors in Entertainment

Having talent can go a long way in Hollywood, but the most famous singer-actors in entertainment take celebrity status to a whole other level. It’s one thing to be recognized in the music industry or to land a lead role in a film. However, having both skills means you have twice as many fans. And these famed names have accomplished that in a short period of time.


Obviously some of the most famous singer-actors in entertainment are more distinguished in one craft than the other, so they might not star in award-winning blockbusters. In fact, many singers have taken up TV as their main acting platform, performing in minor guest-roles – sometimes even as the most hated television characters of all time, which we covered in a recent article – but others have shown the world that they are a double-threat to be reckoned with.

So, let’s take a look at how the most famous singer-actors in entertainment showcased their talent, propelling them into superstardom.

8. Justin Timberlake

Let’s leave aside the fact that Mr. Timberlake has been blessed with extraordinarily good genes, and look at his career path so far. The Memphis-born hunk was a double threat as a 12-year-old, showing off his talent at the All-New Mickey Mouse Club, but consolidated his potential as an adult. His super-skills as a singer have earned him nine Grammy Awards, while winning four Emmy Awards as an actor in movies like The Social Network, Bad Teacher, and Friends with Benefits. This man knows what he’s doing, whether in front of a camera, or with a mic in his hand!

You may actually be surprised to see Justin so high on our list. Who was able to top him? Read on to find out who the seven most famous singer-actors in entertainment are today.