The 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

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Although some might claim violence and conflict are part of human nature, the most peaceful countries in the world have proven otherwise. These nations are notorious for their lack of conflict, low levels of crime, and overall stability, turning them into role models for the rest of the international community. Hence, taking a closer look at how these societies handle difficult situations, might reveal why other states fail to uphold the same peaceful atmosphere.


Naturally, the way a nation and its population behave is determined by a wide range of factors, including its history, geography, and cultural values, amongst others. Not unlike the 7 most livable countries in the world, which we covered in a previous article, it is evident that the most peaceful countries on the planet didn’t reach this status overnight. Apart from successful long-term policies in areas such as education, economic growth, and  regional integration, the nations in question have steered clear of international confrontations.

In addition to factors that can be influenced directly, such as corruption levels or crime, studies have shown that even climate and geographic location can have a huge impact on a state’s tendency towards violence. Due to the complex nature of the phenomenon, we will abstain from going into further detail, focusing instead on revealing the ten most peaceful countries in the world. In order to do so, we have consulted the Global Peace Index (GPI), which was developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Those who want to learn  more about the factors involved in measuring a country’s peacefulness can start by analyzing the methodology utilized to create the GPI, since it contains very enlightening conclusions. And even if your interest in this topic is not that great, we still hope you enjoy the following list of the ten most peaceful countries in the world.

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