10 Largest Colleges in the World: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

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Are you curious to know which are the largest colleges in the world? We all have some notion of the best universities, which are often ones located in the US, but when it comes to size, who is at the very top? After all, size really has nothing to do with quality, meaning colleges from anywhere in the world could form part of this list.


In order to determine which are the largest colleges in the world, we have considered the number of enrolled students as the best way to measure and compare the size of these institutions. This means all graduate and undergraduate students are taken into account as long as they are actively enrolled in the university. The result is stunning, with some colleges boasting figures in the millions! To think that some of the largest colleges in the world have a bigger enrollment list than the population of major cities, is simply fascinating.

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Either way, let’s start the countdown of the largest colleges in the world, beginning in India.

10. University of Mumbai

Number of Students: 549,432

Established back in 1857, the University of Mumbai is one of the first colleges to be opened in India. It offers bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees and has a wide range of disciplines.

9. Tribhuvan University

Number of Students: 604,437

Located in a small town just a few kilometers from Kathmandu, this institution was the first university founded in the country. Despite being just over 50 years old, it is the largest and more prestigious college in Nepal.

8. Universitas Terbuka

Number of Students: 646,467

Despite its short history, Universitas Terbuka has already turned into the largest university in Indonesia. Distance learning and a special emphasis on tough teaching methods make this college stand out the most.


We’ll soon hit the million student mark in our countdown of the largest colleges in the world, continued on the next page. See which universities, and where, boast such amazing numbers.

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