The 8 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

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What are the best summer jobs for college students? Summer break is a great time for having fun, hitting the beaches, and hanging with your friends. But more often than not, it is also a great opportunity to make some extra cash. More and more college students nowadays choose to spend their summers doing something productive that can increase their incomes.

If you have great writing skills, you can always work for us (just send an email with your resume attached). We would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the top 8 summer jobs for college students, in a style similar to our list of the 10 best summer jobs for college students in New York City. The jobs were ranked according to the pay per hour. Most jobs on our list are also suitable for high-school students or people looking for a way to make some extra cash.

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We are confident that you are going to find the summer job that’s right for you in one of these 9 articles. There are tons of summer jobs ideas for college students (whether you are looking for a summer job where you travel, or you are a business student, or you have no experience) in these article. In this countdown we will take a look at the top summer jobs for an average college student:

No. 8: Bartender


Public Domain Image: Public Domain

Pay per hour: $9

Prerequisites: none

Bartending is probably the job of choice for most college students looking for summer employment, but it is not the best paying on our countdown (well, if you’re not counting tips as well). It’s the perfect job for those who love the night life, but working late hours can certainly become tiresome at times.

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