8 Recreational Baking Classes in NYC

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If you’re going to take time baking a treat, then you probably want to be able to take it home and enjoy it like you can at these recreational baking classes in NYC.

I prefer baking to cooking, mostly because I really enjoy the process of mixing the ingredients together perfectly and then putting it in the oven to forget about it for a little bit. While I’m not as keen on baked goods as I am other foods, I think the process of creating a sweet treat allows me to be more creative than with cooking since I’m a little picky when it comes to certain foods. Now that I eat a lot more vegan foods, it’ll be fun to try to incorporate that into whipping up something good.

A recreational baking class is a class where you get to take home the food you make at the end. It’s different from a culinary school where you’re enrolled in a long-term program and don’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor as much. You’d think it’d be pretty ridiculous to not get to enjoy your creations, but there are some classes that don’t allow this. I think that would be really boring and a little pointless to spend money on, but then again, I’m not looking to be a professional chef and I’d only enroll in a food class to eat. I should probably check out some of the best bread, pie, pastry, and cupcake baking classes in NYC

In order to create this list, I took a look at Class Curious‘s online database of classes.

Get your aprons on and flour out for some recreational baking classes in NYC.

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