6 Easiest Genres to Write

If you have always wanted to write a book but you are not certain which genre would be the best option for you then read our list of 6 easiest genres to write.

Writing is not easy regardless of what one might think. Even if you are an extremely gifted writer and you have been writing for years, it can still get quite difficult at times. Professional and creative writing differ greatly, so if you wish to write your first book, you might need to explore all options a little bit. By the way, if you are seeking for reliable writing gigs, take a look at our list of  7 Best Freelance Websites for Writers. Writing takes skills and it takes a lot of discipline as well. Once you realize that you want to write a novel you need to actually sit down and write and not give up after the first rough patch.

6 Easiest Genres to Write


 Whether you are a first-time writer or an established one, there are some things you need to define before you start writing which will help you stick to the plan and go through with your book. Naturally, you need to decide what you are going to write about. It is desirable to determine the genre you wish to write in before you start but not necessarily. Many authors simply start writing and then figure out the genre somewhere along the process. Some of them even don’t bother with it at all until their publishers suggest that their work suggests a specific genre while creating a marketing plan for your book. You can take a look at the list of genres and subgenres on Quizlet to learn more.

Nevertheless, you need to make a plan and stick to it. Your book needs structure, and no matter which genre you choose, bear in mind that all genres have rules and require a lot of work, and don’t forget the plot which is probably the most important. How you profile your characters, how the story develops, that’s what’s relevant. For example, you might have a great idea for a romance novel and you have it all figured out but if you don’t pay attention to details, to the plot, and your characters are poorly described then the book will certainly not be a good one. So when choosing a genre, the old good saying that you need to choose the one you enjoy writing in is really the best piece of advice you can get. Because if you wish to write a sci-fi novel but you are not passionate about it, your readers will feel that and that might affect the way they feel about your book. While if you are always able to make a joke out of everything and you are genuinely funny, then you will probably feel most comfortable writing comedy.

So let’s be clear on one thing, no books are easy to write, except maybe bad books, and this is what all authors probably agree on. Some might argue that certain type of books are easier to write such as YA (Young Adult Fiction), but YA is not a genre, it’s a category, and we don’t think it’s very easy to write such a book. Young Adult Fiction always has a young protagonist and it can belong to any genre. YA novel can be a mystery, romance, thriller or even fantasy. While we realize that considering a genre easy or hard is completely subjective as it depends on your personal characteristics and abilities, we acknowledge that some genres might not demand the same hard work as others, therefore they might appear easier to write such as genre fiction novels, which are written and published widely for popular appeal, as Writer’s Relief states. But we may perceive this as choosing the easiest genres for us personally. We searched for a second opinion on Reddit and  Message Board on this matter, and we also looked for a professional opinion on Huffington Post and Now Novel. And after hearing what other people think of this, we compiled a list of 6 easiest genres to write.