11 Easiest Garden Vegetables To Grow

If you have a green thumb, or better yet, don’t have a green thumb, you’ll enjoy this list of 11 easiest garden vegetables to grow.

Growing up in the south, I can definitely be a country girl when I need to. I enjoy the outdoors and every so often don’t mind getting my hands dirty with a little yard work. While I’d prefer to mow the grass more than anything, it’s also fun to get out on my aunt’s farm to do some planting, digging or harvesting. My mother and her siblings grew up on a farm, so gardening and farming are pretty much in our family’s genes. Gardening and farming, if you enjoy it, can also be very relaxing. While some people, like my aunt, have massive gardens to sell fruits and vegetables, others enjoy a smaller home garden to plant what they plan to eat. Obviously, you’ll need the land and space to create your own garden, but if you’re tight on space, you can check out this list of the 7 easiest dwarf fruit trees to grow in containers or mini garden.

11 Easiest Garden Vegetables To Grow

You don’t have to be from or in the south to have your own garden, as people all over the United States garden. According to Elements Lawn Care, the number of homeowners who garden is on the rise across the country, making a community of about 164 million (as of 2012). Gardening is also becoming more popular as it incorporates a healthy lifestyle into communities. Even Former First Lady Michelle Obama had a garden at the White House during their time there. For many, there’s a rewarding feeling to growing the food you eat. To help you accomplish some gardening goals, and get on the right foot to start your own, we came up with a list of some of the easiest vegetables you can grow. Once you tackle these vegetables, you’ll be able to go on to some of the tougher stuff.

In order to create our list of easiest garden vegetables to grow, we used Life Hacker, Spark People, The Spruce, Almanac and DIY Natural as our sources, to see what are the easiest vegetables to grow in your own garden. We collected information from each source and came up with our list by listing the vegetables that were most mentioned on those sites. Those vegetables that were mentioned by the most sources, were ranked higher on our list.

Without further ado, here’s a list of 11 easiest garden vegetables to grow.