10 Best Graduate Degrees for Teachers

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If you are a teacher or prospective teacher with your Bachelor’s degree, but you are considering going back to school, keep reading to learn about the best graduate degrees for teachers.

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It is almost never a bad idea to reach for higher education, if you have the means to do so. It is worth noting that teachers with Master’s degrees generally make more money per year than those who do not, regardless of what it is that they are teaching. Considering getting your Master’s as a teacher is definitely not a bad idea. Not only will you likely make more money, you will also have more in-depth knowledge of the subject you are teaching; thus, you have the potential to be the most effective teacher possible. Though it can cost a great deal of money to undergo a Master’s program, you can consider the money you spend as an investment in yourself, your students, and your future bank account. 

In order to build our list of the best graduate degrees for teachers, we considered two main factors: how much money a teacher with a specific Master’s degree can make on average in the US, and which states specifically pay the most in that field of teaching. For instance, if teaching in Field A makes enough to be featured on our list, then we determined which 5 states pay the most to those working as teachers in Field A. This will help you not only to decide which fields may be most advantageous to study and enter as a professional, but also where it might be best to apply for a job in your field. The highest paying state for each field/degree is notated with an asterisk (*). For this research, we consulted Occupational Employment Statistics and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Keep in mind that we understand money isn’t everything. But for this article, salary is the best quantifiable piece of data we can use to determine which degrees are “best”.

Without further ado, here is our list of best graduate degrees for teachers.

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