11 Affordable Cooking Classes in NYC

If you’re thinking about one day becoming a contestant on Chopped, maybe you should start with some affordable cooking classes in NYC.

I know how to cook, but I’m often too tired or not motivated enough to execute any cooking when I’m at home. The extent of my cooking this past weekend was heating up lentil soup and making some toast to go with it. I felt like a professional chef, but I know I probably could have made that soup from scratch pretty easily for not too much money had I thought about purchasing the ingredients and taken the time. I’ve considered cooking classes in the past to help motivate me, but I was always deterred by the price until compiling this list.

11 Affordable Cooking Classes in NYC

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Cooking classes are great if you want to spruce up your dinner routine, but they can also make fantastic date options or night out activities, just like the best couples cooking classes for date night in NYC. Not everyone had the opportunity to learn to cook much more than Top Ramen during their youth, so these classes are the perfect place to expand your culinary skills and palate without having to take a trip to the grocery store and parse one of those recipe blogs that give much too long of an anecdote before telling you the recipe. As fun as that can be sometimes, New York City has so many incredible classes to choose from that range from all types of cuisines that it would behoove anyone to take at least one and try it out.

In order to create this list, I took a look at Class Curious‘s class database.

Without further ado, get your aprons ready for some affordable cooking classes in NYC.