7 Popular Christian YouTube Channels To Watch

If you like watching interesting videos about religion, especially Christianity, then check out our list of 7 popular Christian YouTube channels to watch. They are covering a variety of topics, and we are sure you’ll find something that fits you.

Christianity is the world’s largest religion. It is estimated that 33% of the world’s population or more than 2.4 billion people follow Christianity as their religion. It is a dominant religion in Europe, North and South America (90% of people declare themselves as Christians) as well as in Southern Africa. It was reported by Pew Research Center that Christians were a majority in 157 countries in the world. When you see these numbers, it isn’t strange why Christianity is a popular topic on YouTube. If Christianity isn’t the topic you had in mind, or you just use YouTube for laughs, check out our top 10 Funniest YouTube Channels in 2015.

Digital Storm/Shutterstock.com

Digital Storm/Shutterstock.com

When it comes to the content that these channels have, there is something for everyone’s taste. If you like listening to motivating, spiritual speeches, Christian music or just want to see how Christianity applies to everyday life, you can do it with a few clicks away. The interesting thing is that there are a lot of young YouTubers who are speaking about Christianity from their own point of view and how it affects their life and makes it better.

To get the list of 7 popular Christian Youtube channels to watch we used various sources to find the most recommended channels, and then checked them for popularity, arranging them in the end, by the number of their subscribers. Check them out; maybe they’ll help you find your faith.

7. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Number of Subscribers: 136K

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries was founded in 1984 in Toronto by Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. This YouTube channel features a variety of content from various speakers including Ravi Zacharias to debates and short films. Channel was created in 2007 and has close to 14 million video views. The themes revolve around traditional evangelism.