Citizenship By Investment in Turkey: 5 Things To Know

Looking for more information about citizenship by investment in Turkey? Well, in this article we’ll present you with the 5 things you should know about it.

Citizenship by investment has become a popular way of acquiring a citizenship of a particular country that offers these kinds of arrangements. In this way, even people who don’t meet the usual conditions for acquiring the citizenship of a particular country, such as being born on the country’s territory, or having parents that are citizens, can apply. All citizenship by investment programs have one thing in common – they require a generous donation or an investment to/in the country for a person to be considered. There are however some important differences between these programs. Some countries offer full citizenship, with an immediate effect like Cyprus, Malta, Grenada or Dominica. (We already talked about these countries in our article 7 Cheapest Countries that Sell Citizenship.) Other countries offer Residency Programs. These residency programs also require an investment, but they only offer residency for the applicant. To qualify for full citizenship, the applicant has to go through Citizenship Qualifying period that is set from 5 to 12 years, depending on the country. After that period of time, the person is eligible for full citizenship. The countries that offer these kinds of programs include Australia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Citizenship By Investment in Turkey: 5 Things To Know


These citizenship by investment programs benefit both countries and applicants. The country receives an investment that will help its economy and industry while the applicant uses the perks of having a citizenship of that particular country. The latest country that looks to jump on the bandwagon is Turkey.

The Turkish citizenship law requires a person to be born from a Turkish father and a Turkish mother. This person is considered a Turkish citizen, even if the person is not born on Turkish territory. This is the only way that the person can receive automatic citizenship. Other ways require government confirmation and include citizenship by marriage, citizenship with exceptional circumstances and citizenship by residence. These other ways also require numerous other conditions to be fulfilled.

It is obvious that becoming a Turkish citizen isn’t an easy task, so citizenship by investment should make it a lot easier. Without further ado, let’s check the citizenship by investment in Turkey: 5 things to know.