7 Best News Youtube Channels To Watch

Check out our list of 7 best news YouTube channels to watch if you are looking for a reliable news source that is always a few clicks away.

YouTube is a second most visited website in the whole world, just behind Google. It has become an influential platform for musicians, gamers, and comedians, but the list doesn’t end there. Every major TV show broadcasts portions of the content on the platform. So do the TV stations and magazines, and it isn’t hard to imagine why YouTube can be such a good place to get the news from all around the globe.  It can be a good place for your kids if you stick to channels like our 11 Kid Friendly YouTube Channels to Watch.

7 Best News Youtube Channels To Watch


In the past, TV and newspapers were the most important sources of news. With the modern era of internet, newspapers are taking a hit, because people are keener to read the content online rather than to actually spend their money on newspapers. TV is still going strong, but there are alternatives now, and one of them is YouTube. Like we said, most of the TV stations now broadcast their news or at least part of them on YouTube. There are also specialized news channels that use YouTube as their main platform.

To get our list of 7 best news YouTube channels, we checked YouTube’s News & Politics category. We looked for the most subscribed news channels and then ranked them accordingly on our list. If you were looking for a good news channel on YouTube, just pick one from the list of best news YouTube channels to watch, and you won’t make a mistake.