Top 10 Funniest YouTube Channels in 2015

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We all need a good laugh sometimes, and these top 10 funniest YouTube channels in 2015 provide a lot of it. It is certain that the world would be a bit grumpier without these channels.

YouTube has changed the world since its first video titled “Me at the zoo” uploaded on April 23, 2005. It changed the ways we listen to music, stay in touch with the trends in the world and ultimately opened a huge window of opportunities for anyone who had internet and web camera. With YouTube, everyone can show their talent to the world.

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Besides serving as a platform for music videos and movie trailers, YouTube proved to be a great tool for making us laugh. Soon all the funny situations happening around the world were just one click of the mouse away. After all kinds of fails, homemade videos, comedy genre on the YouTube has begun to emerge. People saw a great potential in making some outstanding comedy and releasing it out in the world via YouTube. Some of them even managed to get into 15 YouTube channels with most subscribers in 2015.

There are lots of different approaches to comedy on YouTube. Some are still dedicated to posting videos of people falling down the stairs or getting hit by a basketball ball. Others decided to film video blogs and try to be funny by themselves, or they turned to parody. Also, there are funny approaches to movies, music, video games. With all that variety of comedy, how should we choose the top 10 funniest YouTube channels in 2015? You know what they say: “Power to the people”. And we did just that.

If something is funny enough, it will soon emerge on surface and people will appreciate it. The same applies to funny YouTube channels. Usually, when people think the channel is regularly funny, they subscribe to it. That was our guiding line in determining the funniest YouTube channels. We went through the most subscribed channels in the comedy genre and saw which ones have the most subscribers correspondingly compiling our ranking.

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