6 Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World

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If you were a billionaire you would probably live in one of these most expensive billionaire homes in the world, wouldn’t you? But, if you were a billionaire chances are you wouldn’t be reading about the billionaire homes, instead you would be relaxing in one’s swimming pool. So, it seems that we have compiled a list of most expensive billionaire homes in the world for the ones who would like to take a peek into the unreachable world – the world full of extravagance, luxury, style, someone (those who do not have it) would say unnecessary amenities, comfort, richness, and endless indulgences.

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Unnecessary or not, it is not up to us to decide. We all have our paths in the world, and whether they are covered with emeralds or with rocks – that is not what determines our happiness, or gives us a right to judge others’ life choices. So, yes, there are people who got money to burn, yet they are not living like someone would expect. If you don’t believe it – check out the article about billionaires who live like regular people. This all really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, most of us still want to, at least, know what it’s like to be super rich, and what those big folks have in their homes that we, “regular” people, don’t have. And that is why we have created this list of most expensive billionaire homes in the world – to satisfy normal human curiosity (not the one that has killed the cat). While you’re at it, we also suggest you read our article about Most expensive homes in the world.

Information about these exorbitantly priced billionaire homes we found using sources like Forbes and MSN. Even though they come from 2014, it is not very likely that this list has changed by now and that some other home has found its place among these special 6.

We advise you to put the black glass first, not to be blinded by all that glamour and prestige!


6. Ellison Estate (Woodside, California)

Value: $200 million

Owner: Larry Ellison – net worth: $42.9 billion

Oracle’s founder – Ellison – began building the estate carrying his name back in 2004. Up till now, his Japanese-inspired construction features 10 buildings, a tea house, a bath house, a man-made lake, and even a koi pond.

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