11 Glaring Plot Holes in Disney’s Tangled

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When it comes to movies, there’s a big difference between how they are originally thought out and how they end up on the big screen, which leaves plenty of room for all those plot holes, including these 11 glaring plot holes in Disney’s Tangled.

It goes like this. Someone comes up with a movie idea, then a screenplay is written, and then it is rewritten. They film the movie and during the shooting, extra changes come up. Then it’s time for putting the movie together and, if following the screenplay, it ends up being 5 hours long, so cuts need to be made and, most often than not, plot holes emerge. Sometimes they’re the size of a football and sometimes they’re the size of a football field. For the big ones don’t forget to check magical plot holes in Harry Potter.

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This time around, however, we’re talking about Tangled, the animation movie done by Disney. It should be a bit easier with it being an animation, right? Well, not really. It seems that even if they’re drawn and not filmed in the Hollywood studios, there are still issues.

By definition, a plot hole is a logical inconsistency within the story; they’re illogical or impossible events, scenes that contradict the earlier storyline. So, even if this is a fairy tale we’re talking about, it doesn’t mean everything goes.

We’re going to ignore the fact that there’s a talking horse, we’re going to ignore the fact that Rapunzel’s hair is impossibly long and the existence of magical flowers, but we’re not going to ignore the rest of the issues. So, if you haven’t yet seen Tangled (and really, what have you been waiting for?) beware of the many spoilers ahead as we look into 11 glaring plot holes in Disney’s Tangled.

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