11 Most Expensive Shoe Stores in the World

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As you’ll find when you read the 11 most expensive shoe stores in the world, shoes can get expensive. They’re one item that the world isn’t afraid to spend a lot of money on. Clothes is another such item, as you’ll discover in the 9 Most Expensive Luxury Clothing Items in 2015.

We’ve discovered the world’s most expensive shoe stores by taking an average price of 10 pairs of the most expensive shoes from different stores around the world. We selected the stores by referring to Finance Online’s Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands of 2016, as well as by researching a few other brands known to be worn by celebrities. The stores we list are located all over the world, and sell many different types of shoes.

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But it’s important to keep in mind that the prices below are average prices of shoes listed online. There may be other shoe retailers with more expensive price-tags, who either don’t list their prices online or don’t have a website though that’s highly unlikely.

The shoe prices averaged were not for custom-made shoes, either, which can often cost much more. Just look at Nick Cannon’s custom made diamond-crusted Tom Fords for $2 million.

And since we were pricing shoes from the most expensive stores, shoes aren’t the main item sold at some of these stores. Some, like Salvatore Ferragamo, are specifically shoe stores. While others, like Chanel, are just designer brands that sell a variety of items, including expensive shoes.

Some of these stores have a brand of their own while others sell a variety of footwear brands. But they’re all extremely high class. The kind of shoes celebrities would wear for a runway outfit and never touch again.

But no matter your status, we’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing the 11 most expensive shoe stores in the world. If for nothing else, to dream.

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