7 Countries that Make The Best Guns in The World

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Whether you are a weapon enthusiast or a true pacifist, it is always good to know 7 countries that make the best guns in the world in case of a Zombie Apocalypse. Although it may sound ridiculous, you never know. It is good to be prepared for any scenario.

First primitive type of gun appeared in China, around 1000 AD. It was a bamboo tube that used gunpowder to fire spears. China is also credited for the invention of the gunpowder in the 9th century. Gunpowder and guns were a mystery to Europe until the early 13th century. After that, the guns started acquiring their shape.

Shortly spears were a history, and people figured out they could do a lot more damage with guns. That’s how bullets came to the spotlight, and the wars were never the same again. Craftsmanship in the gun industry rose to the unthinkable levels, and still we are witnesses that gun industry and the whole weapons industry can still amaze us.

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When we talk about different types of guns, there are many categories, but we will present you with the most common three. One of the broadest categories is handguns. Handguns include pistols, semiautomatic handguns, and revolvers among others. The second category is long guns. This category includes shotguns and rifles. The third category includes guns that are not usually found in homes. The most famous representative of this category is the assault gun. Now that we gave you the proper intro, light a cigar from one of these 7 countries that make the best cigars in the world and postpone your gun purchase until you’ve read this article.

To determine 7 countries that make the best guns in the World, we decided to check out what the experts have to say. After some research, we took the lists (made by firearms experts) from The Washington Times (best handguns in the world) and Military Today (best rifles). We included our own list of 6 biggest gun manufacturers of the world and one made by BBC, because they must do something great if they are so big. As an extra value, we added internet users opinions about the best gun brands from Ranker. Each country that had a manufacturer on the list received 1 point for each. After summing all up, we gained the full insight in the craftsmanship of the countries and our ranking was crystallized.

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