6 Free Photography Classes in New York City

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Keep reading to learn more about our list of free photography classes in New York City. If you’ve ever dreamed of capturing the world around you with ease, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money, look no further.

You might be wondering how, in a city like New York— as expensive and vast as it is— anyone can find anything for free. Well, now you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of every class offered in The Big Apple that doesn’t charge students for lessons in basic photography skills. These courses are offered through different companies and in different areas of the city, so check them all out and see which is the best for you!

Free Photography Classes in New York City

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If you are interested in spending a bit more to further your photography education, you can also check our list of 20 beginner photography classes in NYC.

In order to create our list of cost-free photography classes in NYC, we consulted Class Curious as our main source. This site is extraordinarily helpful, and offered a wealth of information on numerous classes in and around New York City. The list isn’t sorted in any particular order, but most importantly all of them are completely free.

Keep reading to learn more details about how you can sign up for one of 6 free photography classes in New York City.

6. BH Photo & Video

6.1 The Wireless Photographer Sponsored by Westcott

Today, we live in a world where almost everything is digital, including our cameras. Today’s cameras have the ability to communicate wirelessly with other devices. The main topic in this workshop is to learn the best ways to use our modern wireless devices and technology to share images. You will learn how to control your camera and how to get the best out of it.

6.2 Capturing The World  – The Art And Practice of Travel Photography Sponsored by Leica

In this presentation, you will learn some technical skill, as well as some tips on how much effort you need to put into a position in order to get the most of a single picture. In order for the image to be maximized, you will learn how to do research, pick the optimal time and the place where you should be to capture the best environment, and how to plan a potential shot in advance. The topics discussed will be essential skills, preparing for a shoot, the story behind the picture, the maximum potential of the image, preferred equipment, and editing when out in the field.

It is recommended that the attendees complete an online registration before showing up for either of these classes.

Free Photography Classes in New York City


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