7 Best Smartphones with Fingerprint Scanner

The world is constantly in need of innovations, and since smartphone makers have been developing this industry with light speed, it is time to talk about the best smartphones with fingerprint scanner.

Smartphone companies are constantly competing who will make a better product with more features. Some of them are focusing on better processors, some on better camera performance while others want to satisfy every music lover’s needs. If you want your smartphone to have a great sound quality, you should see our list of 7 Best Smartphones with Front Facing Speakers

Since there are smartphones with all kinds of features that we couldn’t even imagine a few years back, it is time for smartphones with fingerprint scanners to shine. Today, almost every new smartphone on the market features a fingerprint scanner. Often this kind of innovations is being brought by the leading companies in that industry where smaller ones have no choice but to follow in order to survive the ongoing battle on the market. Even the cheapest smartphones have this feature.

7 Best Smartphones with Fingerprint Scanner

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We can freely say that we are carrying our computer and our whole personal life in one tiny smartphone, so it is no wonder why people want to protect it. A fingerprint scanner represents a technology that is identifying and authenticating the fingerprint of smartphone’s owner and it is giving or denying the access to the smartphone. When you put your finger on the scanner, it is sensing and reading in a high-quality image with all of its detailed ridges, patterns, and pores and it is storing it in the mobile’s data for the future purpose. So, the next time you put your finger on the sensor it will scan it again and if it matches the scan it has in the mobile’s data, it will unlock the phone, but if it doesn’t match it won’t. This is the perfect way to secure your smartphone and you can be sure nobody will poke around your personal stuff.

There are two types of fingerprint sensors, front-mounted and rear-mounted. The only difference between these two types of scanners is in their place on the phone. The front-mounted is placed in, you guessed it, front, while the rear-mounted is located on the back of the phone. There are some serious ongoing debates among people about what is the best place for a fingerprint scanner, but at the end, it all depends on a person’s taste and what they find comfortable.

In order to create our list, we used TechRadar and ZDNet as our sources to see what are the best smartphones. After we found the best smartphones, we checked which of them have fingerprint scanners on GSMArena. When we finished this step, we already had the best smartphones with fingerprint scanners and all we needed to do is sort them by their rating from TechRadar and PCmag, which we did in ascending order.