25 Corny Biology, Chemistry and Science Pick Up Lines

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Gather round nerds, because we have some corny biology, chemistry and science pick up lines that are guaranteed to get you laid in this year’s summer science camp. Or get you slapped in the face, or laughed at, or ridiculed… you get the picture. Risky, but we all must make sacrifices for the science.

The science behind the nerdy pick up lines is pretty simple. The object you are trying to approach must be of the same species (nerd). Some research is required to determine the sub-species (biology, chemistry, computer science or other) in order to tail the exact approach. The best way to learn this is by talking to the object’s friends, but since we know our audience, we recommend stalking. Far less talking to strangers involved and generally speaking, direct observation is preferable as a scientific method to an interview. Regardless of which route you choose, this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.

Corny Biology, Chemistry and Science Pick Up Lines

Once you have successfully determined the sub-species, you need an opportunity. This is a vital step. You can’t just walk to a girl on a campus and say something like: “Hey baby, why don’t you get your ligase working on my Okazaki fragment and lengthen my strand.” Remember slapping, laughter, and ridicule from the first paragraph? This is how you get all of them. No, the opportunity must be patiently waited for, but not for too long. Don’t let your fears of rejection (and let’s face it, they are well founded, but nevertheless) drive you into endless waiting. Think Han Solo. Sometimes it is better to shoot first and ask questions later. After all, if the object is pretty enough, some other nerd may beat you to it. Even worse, she may fall for some muscle head god with balls. No self-respecting nerd (yes, it is kinda an oxymoron) can allow that.

Once the opportunity presents itself, the next critical phase is delivery. It must be smooth and self-confident (yes, yes, we know, just work on, practice in front of the mirror or something). The most important thing to remember is not to get discouraged by a failure. Einstein, Newton, Tesla, all of the greatest had their fair share of failures, yet they persisted and made history. Perhaps in person delivery isn’t for you and you should try some sort of electronic communication to present your science pick up line. If you are enrolled at one of the Best Selling Online Courses on Udemy in 2017, this may be your opportunity to avoid Tinder and find a soulmate among your classmates. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

In order to make our selection of corny biology, chemistry and science pick up lines we consulted the Internet archives of wisdom. There are plenty to choose from, but we decided that Pick Up Lines Galore, Got Lines, and Pick up Lines Guru are what we (well, you actually) need. Choose carefully one of the corny biology, chemistry and science pick up lines from our list.

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