15 Beginner Photography Classes in NYC

If you want to become a master behind the lens, this list of 15 beginner photography classes in NYC is just what you’ve been looking for.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a DSLR camera? Do you want to get the best photos out of your smartphone? Is being able to beautifully capture and record memories on film a dream for you? Luckily, there are plenty of great photography classes available to beginners in New York City. Most require little to no experience at all to get started, and once you begin, you’ll feel confident that you are no longer a beginner in no time.

15 Beginner Photography Classes in NYC


I learned to take better photos when I moved to New York City. I had never really previously cared much to record the mundane surroundings I often found myself in, and when it came time to take photos for a special event (like graduation or a family trip to Disneyland) I was very out of practice, and they never seemed to turn out as well as I would have liked. New York changed the photography game for me. There is always so much going on around you, no matter where you look. Every neighborhood is different. There is an amazing amount of diversity represented through culture, architecture, urban decay, vastly-changing seasons, and so much more. This city has a heartbeat, and each borough is so unique and dynamic. What better place to learn basic photography skills than in this amazing city that we call home?

Many of the courses on our list do not require any materials other than your personal camera, or even camera phone, in some cases. Bring your creativity, your work ethic, and your curiosity, and you’ll be set to start shooting.

In order to create our list of beginner photography classes in NYC, we used ClassCurious‘ database as our source to see what beginner photography classes are available in NYC. After we found out the best classes from our source, we sorted the list by the price, from the lowest to the highest price tag. There is no shortage of good options, representing a variety of budgets, locations, and special topics.

If you are less interested in taking your own photos, and more interested in a place to find great photos, you should also check out our list of best stock photo sites for bloggers.

You’re sure to find something perfect for your unique goals within our list of 15 beginner photography classes in NYC.