15 Best Jobs if You are Leaving Military

If you are wondering what to do after your military career and don’t know where to begin with searching for a new job, take a look at our list of best jobs if you are leaving military.

Although transitioning from military to civilian life can seem to be an overwhelming experience, according to the United States Department of Labor veterans’ unemployment rate is 3.7% which is below the national average. This means that you have a pretty good chance of finding a job but the question is – what is the best job for you?

Moreover, CareerCast, career information and job listing website, found that veterans are often more qualified than civilians for well-paid jobs, ranging from CIA agents to math teachers and software developers. Don’t worry if you are bad at math, you can take a look at our 15 Best Careers if You are Bad at Math.

15 Best Jobs if You are Leaving Military

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While looking for a job after leaving the military you should firstly arm yourself with patience. The process of finding a new job can sometimes be a lengthy process and might require additional work on your skills and knowledge. In order to explore potential future careers, it is vital to be aware of your current skills and those that you potentially want to develop. It is important to mention that even if you do require additional education, there are plenty of benefits for veterans, including the financial aid. You might want to check out if you are eligible for a scholarship through programs such as The Montgomery GI Bill and The Post-9/11 GI Bill. In case you made voluntary contributions from your military pay while serving, you can also take a look at The Survivors’ and Dependants’ Educational Assistance (DEA) Program.

Anyhow, our list of best jobs if you are leaving military contains jobs that require a college degree (or equivalent) and those jobs that require only a high school diploma. We decided to choose from both groups so that you can get inspiration about your future job, regardless of your current education. We took recommendations from multiple sources including Indeed Blog and Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the collected data, veterans are more likely to work in occupations that use the skills they might have acquired in the military such as protective services, management, installation and repair jobs, construction works, aviation, healthcare, etc.  We created our list of best jobs if you are leaving the military by taking the occupations that were mentioned in our sources most frequently. However, we decided to add some of our own ideas as well, which include well-paid jobs such as the job of interpreter/translator, becoming a small business owner or s personal fitness trainer. These jobs might be a refreshment if you were not impressed with jobs that are usually recommended for ex-military personnel. After our research, we concluded that salary is the most important parameter when deciding which job you want to do. Jobs are thus listed according to the median annual wage (data taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics), from the lowest to the highest paid job.

Now let’s take a look at the best jobs if you are leaving military that might interest you, their average pay and qualifications needed.