6 Easiest Dairy Products To Digest

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Dairy might be delicious but quite difficult to digest for some and that is why some of us might choose only the easiest dairy products to digest for their meals. These nutrient-rich food items can be easily included in diets even of people with lactose intolerance.

Lactose intolerance is a condition that makes it difficult for some of us to digest the lactose in milk, resulting from the deficiency of an enzyme called lactase in the body. However, more often the condition can be controlled by managing of the diet effectively. And, here’s where the easiest dairy products to digest always come in handy. Dairy is a great source of nutrient, calcium and proteins and therefore, it is often suggested by nutritionists to include at least some dairy products in our daily diet.

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Dairy products with low lactose levels can be a good starting point. We looked through several sources to prepare our list, like reports published by FDA and the National Library of Medicine and checked lactose levels of different milk products from several sources like The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the Food Intolerance Network and came up with the best options and alternatives. You’ll be surprised to know that some of the dairy product favorites are actually easy to digest compared to milk. For instance, in cheese, the lactose is converted to lactase, therefore, it is actually easier to the stomach as compared to what people might generally think. Skimmed milk on the other hand, contrary to popular belief has high lactose levels and might not be the best alternative for people with digestive problems.

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So are we ready to bust some myths about our favorite dairy products? Here, check out the list!

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