7 Ways to Save on Funeral Costs

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When you read the title 7 ways to save on funeral costs, you probably thought about how insensitive that would be. After all, how do you respect and grieve a loved one by trying to find ways to save money on their funeral?

But let’s face it, death arrangements can get very pricey. Just research the average cost of a funeral. (Between $7,000 and $10,000 that is, according to FuneralTips.)There’s caskets, embalming, funeral services, viewings, graveside services, headstones and hearses to think about. Not to mention an officiant, flowers and many other expenses. So if the deceased happened to have a bad insurance plan, or if no one liked him much and a cheap funeral is in order, this list could prove useful.

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Whether it’s your own future funeral or that of your loved ones, there’s no doubt you’d like to save at least a few bucks, and that doesn’t mean you’re disrespectful. Though you shouldn’t go as far as to grab a shovel and head to the backyard. (For other ways older generations can save, check out the 7 Most Affordable Countries to Live and Retire in the World.)

The shovel idea might be tempting however, once you discover all the vast funeral expenses people are paying these days, and how much is the average cost of a funeral, as mentioned earlier. And, with a recent death, who wants to strategize about saving money on funeral costs? You’d rather just bury your face in a wad of tissues and sob, not only because of your loss, but also because you’ll soon be poverty stricken. We understand. That’s why we did all the work for you.

The 7 ways to save on funeral costs will serve as a comforting relief. So muffle your sobs, put down the tissues and read on.

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