25 Easiest Trivia Questions For Seniors With Dementia

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Dementia is a terrible disease, but these 25 easiest trivia questions for seniors with dementia will perhaps provide a bright spark in the day for anyone afflicted with the illness. Click to skip ahead and jump to 10 easiest trivia questions for seniors with dementia.

So what is dementia? Well, it’s an illness which actually encompasses symptoms of cognitive decline. One of the primary symptoms regarding cognitive decline, and one of its most apparent and visible ones, is forgetfulness. That is why it is such a heartbreaking disease. To have your loved one suffering from it and slowly forgetting short term memories and in the end, forgetting even you and who you are, well I can’t think of anything more painful than that.

While you may think that dementia only occurs in old people, and our article focuses on seniors as well, that is not always the case. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that dementia is not even a normal part of the aging process. Most seniors will not suffer from dementia, and like my grandfather, will remember details and memories vividly even until their last days. That said, there are still over 47 million sufferers of dementia globally, and probably many more who are undiagnosed. Of course, forgetfulness is not the only symptom of the disease with others including issue in completing easy and familiar tasks, disorientation, communication problems, mood swings and personality changes among a few others.

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Now, dementia, especially advanced dementia does not have a cure. If you get it, you can take drugs to slow the growth but there is no cure yet. Donepezil by Pfizer (NYSE:PFE), Rivastigmine by Novartis (NYSE:NVS), and Galantamine by Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) are among the FDA approved drugs treat Alzheimer’s, a type of dementia. Alector (NASDAQ:ALEC) and Denali Therapeutics (NASDAQ:DNLI) are two of the new generation biotech companies trying to tackle neurodegenerative diseases. Hedge funds are optimistic about both stock, but they are especially bullish on Alector. At the end of the second quarter there were a total of 29 hedge funds with bullish positions in ALEC. That figure was 21 for DNLI. We should note that none of these 5 stocks are among hedge funds’ top 10 stock picks at the moment.

One solution to slow down the progress of dementia suggested by experts is brain exercises. Researchers across the world agree that brain games can help slow the growth and are actually really good exercise for dementia patients. However, you can’t just take any trivia and use that for seniors with dementia. It needs to be catered to in a way to help them retain and recover their memory, and also avoid them feeling bad for not knowing some of the answers, which may actually even lead to depression.

We have scoured the web for some of the best trivia for seniors. If you’ve also got kids in your home in addition to adults, then you might want to take a look at the 25 easiest trivia questions for kids. We used FiftiesWeb and SeniorsLoveToKnow, in addition to some supplementary sites to come up with our 25 questions. Most of the questions pertain to events taking place decades ago as dementia payments have better long term memory as opposed to short term memory. So let’s take a look at the questions which will boost any senior with dementia, starting with number 25:

25. What year did Disneyland open?

Answer: 1955

It might be good to have a threshold of +/- few years but this was a major event that many seniors will remember.

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