25 Easiest Trivia Questions For Kids

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If your kids have been wallowing at home for months, with schools closed and no sign of them reopening in the near future, then the 25 easiest trivia questions for kids are the perfect solution to your woes. Most schools in the US have been closed since March, and now that a second coronavirus wave is expected, with many states recording their highest ever daily infections, the opening of schools seem some time away.

While online classes have replaced actual classes, it can be argued that they are not as stimulating as actually being present in class. It also allows the students to slack off and not be noticed for not paying attention, something they might not be able to get away with school. Thus, not going to school for six months (or more) can impact the intellectual development of a child.

Tricky IQ Questions and Answers


This is where trivia questions come in. Most kids generally have an insatiable curiosity, which leads to them asking a lot of questions, and hence, a thirst for knowledge. I remember back when I was 6 or 7 years old, I had a book called 1,000 Fantastic Facts, and I absolutely loved that book. I would spend hours reading and rereading different facts, which may have been of limited practical use, but helped sharpen my mind as well.

The same is true for trivia questions, as learning trivia and answering questions helps in the development of a child significantly, including enhancing memory, cognitive ability, mental development and even helps improve brain performance under pressure. The same is true for debates as well, which is why you should also take a look at 15 good debate topics for kids.

The trivia questions we have selected are for beginners, and are quite easy to answer, but also imperative in developing the cognitive ability of a child, so they can then move to an advanced level. To select these questions, we have scoured various lists including Yahoo! Answers and Quora to figure out the easiest trivia questions for kids. So let’s take a look, starting with number 25:

25. How many milligrams make a gram?

Answer: 1,000 milligrams.

This is a simple starting off questions which helps enable the child to learn units of measurement and the metric system as well.

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