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20 Most Sexually Active Animals In The World

Do you want to live, like animals, careless and free, like animals–then check out 20 most sexually active animals in the world.

Animals need love too. They also need to reproduce to avoid extinction. Their mating calls may not involve BoyzIIMen or any ’90s R&B–nevertheless they are making them. Any their mates are picking up. Hello!

Animals can’t just rent a hotel room though. They need to find a mate in the wild, not on an iPhone dating app. Therefore, despite the fact that humans are technically animals–when an animal complains about the single life–they’re not just whining. If it’s hard out there for a pimp, just IMAGINE how hard it is out there for a wildebeest. But not everybody is having trouble finding a partner for sexy times. We have tracked down the 20 Most Sexually Active Animals In The World. We don’t know if they’re satisfied, but we do know they are getting down on the regular–and they didn’t even need some kind of stupid playbook, or even alcohol.

Imagine if they did though? Imagine a group of leopards leaning back at the club trying to come up with ways to approach another leopard.  “Go over to him and say, ‘you’ve been spotted.'” –“No way! That’s too corny!” “Okay then try baby do you need an ambulance because it looks like you just fell from heaven.”  Leopards are notoriously unskilled when it comes to the art of conversation. They are not smooth. If you want dating advice try one of the 20 Most Sexually Active Animals In The World–or, you know, perhaps ask a human.

The animal kingdom is still pretty mysterious as some animals are hard to study at especially those animals living under the deep sea or living far away in the wild. We still manage a sneak peek with them since TV shows showing the lives of animals are now very popular–especially nature documentaries on National Geographic, Animal Planet, and even large scale documentaries on wild animals continue to be produced and enjoyed.

There are millions or even billions of species, some are still just sitting there waiting to be discovered. Zoology is the branch of science that studies about animals. The animal kingdom is classified in different parts based on the species or any similarities of the animals being studied. Some species are on the brink of extinction. One of the reasons for this would be pollution. A lot of garbage is thrown in the ocean, there is also air pollution due to damaging gasses released by global carbon emissions, among others. We can help stem the tide if we become more environmentally conscious and responsible.

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Happy monkey/

One such place that specifically needs protecting is a very alien-looking place is called Socotra. This island is a home to many different unusual-looking flora and fauna. They have adapted to the extreme weather on the island. The species here in this island are found nowhere else. Standing out from the crowd is another great way to reel in your animal mate.

Going back to the most sexually active animals, we have gathered the animals based on their ways of engaging in sexual activities, the period of their gestation. We also took into consideration their offspring. Which fascinates me most is that each have their uniqueness like the male is the one who bears the offspring and another is the female eats the male after they are done mating. The number of offspring that lives and reach maturity varies on the species because not all can grow and reach maturity. There is really so much to learn and can give answers on the many things we don’t know.  Well if you want to learn how sexually active you are, our list of 6 Most Sexually Active Zodiac Signs can be your guide.

We have arranged our list of 20 most sexually active animals in the world in alphabetical order below.

20. Angler fish

The male angler fish when mating merge with the female angler fish, it is much smaller in size than the female.  It appears like a parasite, it gets dissolved until the gonads are the only ones left.  It then releases its sperm to the female angler fish when needed.



19. Antechinus

This tiny marsupial mates until his last breath. Wow, that’s commitment.



18. Black Widow

We may have the concept that black widows eat the males during or after they mate but not all black widows do this.  Only few from thousand of spiderlings survive because at their young stage they are cannibalistic and eats other spiderlings. Isn’t spiderling a disgusting word? Yet I can’t stop saying it.

Jay Ondreicka/

Jay Ondreicka/

17. Bonobo

The bonobos does not only use their sexual behavior in mating but for social interaction as well. They’re pants are far less sexually successful.

Sergey Uryadnikov/

Sergey Uryadnikov/

16. Cat

Cats mate with multiple toms during her mating season. They also break most of your possessions and attempt to destroy you. Not entirely relevant, still, be aware.

Lucky Business/

Lucky Business/

15. Chimpanzee

Male chimpanzees are efficient of reproduction at 16 years or older. As far as we know they do not have any special Confirmation or Bar Mitzvah-type celebration when they reach this age–but they should consider it.

monkey, jumping, ape, baby, mammal, young, primate, infant, chimpanzee, nature, animal , monkey

Abeselom Zerit/

14. Dog

When dogs mate, they are locked in together for 2 to 30 minutes. Here’s hoping it’s the latter?



13. Dolphin

A female dolphin’s offspring is called a “calf.”  And it’s also called “adorable.”


12. Ducks

Ducks practice force mating which does not appear to be consensual.  Male ducks have a penis that is like a cork screw. As if ducks weren’t already terrifying.


11. Fruit fly

Fruit flies have brief lifespans, but female fruit flies can lay hundreds of eggs despite their brief lifespan.


10. Gerbils

Baby gerbils are called pups.


9. Lion

A lion, next on our list of most sexually active animals in the world can mate up to 100 times in one day. No wonder they’re so proud.

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Maggy Meyer/

8. Mola Mola

During breeding season, a female mola mola can produce up to 300 million eggs.



7. Paper Nautilus

A female nautilus’ shell is to protect the eggs that are inside.



6. Rabbit

In breeding rabbits, the doe should be taken to the bucks cage for successful mating.  This will result to a successful mating process.

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5. Red deer

In order to get a mating partner, stags get into competition by roaring, parallel walks or fighting.  Whoever win gets a mating partner.


4. Seahorse

The male seahorse is the one who carries the eggs and takes care of it until they are born by him.


3. Sea Urchin

Next on our list of most sexually active animals in the world is the sea urchins whose fertilization develops in the open ocean.


2. Slug

Hanging upside down is how slugs mate.


1. Snake

A male snake has two penises.


This sums up our list of 20 most sexually active animals in the world.