6 Easiest Fire Starters For Backpacking and Camping

Fire up the campfire–it’s time for 6 easiest fire starters for backpacking and camping. The best part about camping as everyone knows is s’mores. As the saying goes–“where there’s s’mores there’s fire.” You can’t have a s’more without a fire and you can’t have a fire without a firestarter. Therefore firestarters=chocolate in your mouth. Throw on a little Prodigy and get psyched for some really great firestarters.

I’ve always dreaded camping. I once spent 10 days hiking through the Adirondacks… in January.  It was harrowing. Apparently, people do it for fun all the time and they even like it. I’m still not completely convinced.

Whether you are hiking, backpacking or planning your next camping trip, the most essential thing you must always carry along is a fire starter kit. After food, shelter, clean drinking water, you are going to need something with which to start a fire. When you are in the wilderness, fire is your best friend. It will keep you warm, protect you from unwanted attention by wild animals and allow you to cook food. Of course, as mentioned it will also provide you with s’mores.



Also, in the case emergency, you can make a signal by adding green leaves to your fire. Fire can also be pretty dangerous. You can seriously hurt yourself if you are not careful–watch the camping booze people. In a worst case scenario, you could even start a forest fire and if so you’d be a terrible person who ignored many, many warnings from Smokey the Bear.

Therefore, having a good and safe fire starter in your backpacking or camping kit is absolutely essential. While making your backpacking/camping kit, you must include a reliable, fail proof and very safe fire starting kit in it. If you are in the process of making such a kit, then you have stumbled upon the right webpage. In this article we will list 6 easiest fire starters for backpacking and camping. We put emphasis on the ease of use, as the name suggests. We will primarily focus on fire starters that are extremely easy to operate in case of an emergency, like when you have an injury and cannot use both hands, or perhaps the weather is wet or cold, you get the idea. Of course the list will not be arbitrary, we have researched lists at camping and hiking experts like GeekPrepperMsPrepper and OutdoorLife. Also, we have taken a look at Amazon’s best seller list for fire starters. We then compiled all of that information into the rankings listed below by amount they were listed and their ranks on each site. I am certain, if you pick any of the fire starters listed in our article today, you will do just great regarding starting a fire. And if you are looking for new places for your outdoor activities we have another treat for you – 10 Best Countries to Backpack Alone!

Without further ado, let’s get the list of 6 easiest fire starters for backpacking and camping.