10 Best Dating Apps for Hooking Up in NYC

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Which are the best dating apps for hooking up in NYC?

Dating apps—are virtually a necessity at this point. You are busy. They are busy. How are you supposed to meet people otherwise?  Especially if you live and work in New York City. That is why we have rounded up the 10 best dating apps for hooking up in NYC for you! 

Amazingly, people still argue that dating apps aren’t romantic or spontaneous. It’s hard to understand how random public meetings are implicitly more attractive than random online meetings. You can meet someone offline while digging through a dumpster—is that more romantic?

Honestly, if you’re STILL hung up about using apps then you just have to get over it. Meeting someone right for you on an app is no less challenging than meeting someone in real life. Bars are loud and filled with cretins. Sure, there are good people out there in bars as well.

However, the permutations of compatibility per each person are numerous. Finding the good people, or, more accurately, the people who are good for you—is a tough hunt. Whether that hunt takes place on the web or in the club, you will still be dodging a lot of subjectively undesirable people—or at the very least, mismatches.

To a certain extent each conversation or keystroke is a roll of the dice. There is no less magic in a match made online than there is a match made on the bathroom line. The magic and romance are in what happens once the match is made—people are too preoccupied with their meet-cutes.

What’s cuter than a series of love notes being exchanged? What’s more romantic than seeing the face of someone and feeling your heart skip a beat—or at least being utterly infatuated or just having to know more? 

These activities make up the bulk of the matching interactions on dating apps. This is why you should take a look at the 10 best dating apps for hooking up in NYC. It’s the first month of the year—time to jump in and take a chance.  Even if you are using apps you might find another one to better suit your needs. Also, if you’re anti-Apple and looking for love—be sure to check out the 10 Best Free Dating Apps for Android Phones.

We looked at the most popular apps by download, cross referenced that with the apps receiving the highest reviews and also made sure to include a few with features most pertinent to NYC. However, we excluded some interesting apps only available to New Yorkers like Sweatt which matches athletic New Yorkers–because we believe that the apps with the most users will ultimately earn the best results.

The majority of New Yorkers work long hours, commute on public transit, and are single. Also, many single, young New Yorkers are transplants from other cities, towns, or countries. We wanted to factor in these elements into the rankings organically, in order to give the opportunity for big-name apps that cater to these demographics to shine through.

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