15 Good Debate Topics for Kids

The following 15 good debate topics for kids make an excellent read if you’re looking for debate topics for elementary students or even interesting debating topics for high school students.

Why is debating such an important activity that we are always looking for fun, interesting and age appropriate-topics? First of all, this is how future presidents are shaped. You have to possess great oratorical skills in order to be able to present your ideas clearly and assertively. Also, if you are proficient at debating, you’ll be proficient at supporting your arguments and defending from any verbal attacks. Good negotiating skills are also what is highly appreciated in the business world. Sometimes it’s not about the facts and figures, but it all comes down to the proper presentation. Providing you have participated in school debates regularly, that should be a piece of cake. Therefore, debating for primary students isn’t just another school club fun activity. It’s the first step in shaping future world leaders.

15 Good Debate Topics for Kids


Another great consequence of taking part in school debates is the increased self-confidence. By being involved in discussions, a child is more likely to become laid-back and self-assertive than to turn into a shy and anxious adult. Socializing skills are pretty important when it comes to everyday situations, aren’t they? What is more, having discussed a  list of good debate topics usually makes the child more tolerant of other people and their opinions. That could be one of the greatest benefits of debating. By taking the side which doesn’t actually match his/her opinion, the student sooner or later realizes it is perfectly acceptable to have different attitudes on certain topics, and that no one should be too upset about them.

Now let’s see how we got to our own debate topics list for children. Our sources were  Kids World FunThoughtCo, and Buzzle, but the real challenge was how to pick the very best ones for our list. Firstly, we focused on the fact that these are good debate topics for kids, not adults. Therefore, they should be age appropriate, and that implies they are acceptable for both elementary and high school students. Secondly, we decided to go for the debate topics which the children could relate to. Education, technology and parent-children relationships are things that matter the most in their young lives. Hardly any student would think long and hard if there is life after death in his teens. Finally, if we are to have good debate topics for kids, they have to be fun! Both parents and children wish to be entertained while watching/participating in the discussion.

If you are so keen on debating and our list of 15 good debate topics for kids is too small, you can also check out our 20 Good Debate Topics for Elementary Students. In the meantime, take a look at the topics of our choice. We’ve also provided you with some arguments for and against to give you some extra ideas. Enjoy!