15 Countries with the Best Roads in the World in 2020 (Updated)

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Do you know which are the countries with the best roads in the world in 2020? Let’s find out together.

When we talk about the “best roads” what exactly do we mean? Usually, the parameters which are taken into consideration are road quality, road safety, and road infrastructure. Some of the countries with the best road infrastructure are Belgium, Singapore and in the first place, the US, at least according to our previous article on the subject. What was also written in this article, is that the US “has more expressways than any other country in the world.” Another thing interesting to know is that the United States spends approximately $71, 312 million on road infrastructure, which is highly related to the quality of roads. If you are want to know more about governments’ spending, you can check out the list of countries by infrastructure spending in 10 Countries That Spend the Most on Infrastructure.

Countries with the Best Roads in the World in 2018


The infrastructure of roads is also closely related to the infrastructure of cities. Moreover, a city’s infrastructure is not just a key for attracting foreign investments and multinational companies, but it can also affect the quality of living of its citizens. Some of the world’s best cities concerning infrastructure are, again Singapore, Frankfurt and Munich, according to the City A.M. Another source, the World Economic Forum, shows that “well-developed infrastructure is a critical factor underpinning economic growth and strength.” So, the WEF evaluated the infrastructure of the 140 world’s economies on various measures, and as a result, they got the Global Competitiveness Report 2015-16. In this infrastructure rankings, number one is Hong Kong.

In order to create our list of the countries with best roads, we decided to use the World Economic Forum survey of quality of roads by country conducted for the year 2016-2017, as the latest source of information. We first wrote an article on this topic a couple years ago. Since then, the World Economic Forum hasn’t released any new data on the quality of roads in various countries, so the same data points are still valid today.

The study researched the quality (extensiveness and condition) of road infrastructure. The roads are given scores from 1, being extremely poor and among the worst in the world, to 7, being extremely good and among the best in the world. They basically developed some sort of quality of roads index from 1 to 7.  By contrasting data, we calculated the average score for each country and ranked them in that manner. To make a comparison on your own, we advise you to also read 11 Countries with the Best Roads in the World, published three years ago. Since we’re already talking about our previous articles check out our list of best countries in the world in order to learn more about best countries to live in the world. We are sure that some of them are on the list below.

Now, let’s see which are the countries with the best roads in the world in 2020!

15. Portugal

Average score: 10.4

Roads in Portugal are defined by the National Road Plan, which describes in details the road network in this country. Its road infrastructure was considered to be the best in Europe and the second best in the world by the World Economic Forum in its Global Competitiveness Report for 2014–2015. For 2016-2017, Portuguese score is 5.9 out of 7, which makes it still among the best ones in the world.

Countries with the Best Roads in the World in 2018

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