15 Greatest Countries in the World

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Ever wondered which are the greatest countries in the world? Well, that is a question many experts from different universities are trying to answer. Lucky for you, we gathered information from several sources, so you will find your answer if you continue to our list.

“Make America great again!” I doubt that there is someone who hasn’t heard this slogan. It is commonly used in the American politics, and it is definitely getting even more popular these days. It was first used in the 1980s when America was struggling to fight the stagflation. Nevertheless, we couldn’t help but wonder, what the term “great country” even means? How can you define a great country, or make a list of the greatest countries in the world?

We started our research with Quora, as there were great debates on this topic. People were discussing different ideas, sharing various opinions and that helped us a lot. Many thought that finance is the key to a great country, others stick to the idea of a pollution-free country. Terrorism, racism, politics, etc., are just some of the factors which are affecting the greatness of one country. However, Quora was a good source for our starting point, but we couldn’t stick to one source. This lead to further research to find the answer to our question. We visited Telegraph website, to find out what they had to offer. We weren’t satisfied with the information they provided, so we continued to Time, to check what they have written on this topic. What about rankings from the Independent? Many professors and experts put much effort into creating the reports and lists of greatest countries. They even surveyed business leaders as well as common people.

15 Greatest Countries in the World


Surprisingly, none of those websites could help us. Don’t get me wrong, their analyzes were great, the countries they wrote about were excellent, but they were based on surveys. So, what is the problem with that? Well, the surveys can be subjective, and you cannot define greatness based on opinions only. Seriously, how can you define a great country only on surveys? That could help, but we needed facts and numbers to create our list. If you are willing to migrate to a country, you probably won’t rely only on opinions of common people. Luckily, we are able to help you with this, just take a look at the 10 Best Countries to Migrate with Family. Or, if you are looking for the best countries in the world to visit, or the best countries in the world to live and work, we also have the solution for you.

For creating our list, we chose three categories – GDP, military, and the population of a country. All of these categories are important for a country and that’s why we used them to create a ranking of the best countries to live in the world. Fortunately, we managed to find the freshest data for all three categories so you can be sure that we listed only the best countries in the world in 2017.

Let’s start with the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), as one of the best ways of measuring the economy of one country. To make it more simple, GDP is the total value of all products and services produced by people and companies in a country for one year. We won’t go into calculations; we will just compare countries’ GDP. We took the information from the World Bank‘s report, where the numbers are showing millions of dollars worth goods and services for each country.

Next, we will go with the military of the country. How this define the greatness of a country? The purpose of the military units is to protect the citizens and the country. It is why safety should be one of the biggest priorities for every country. Thanks to Global Fire Power, we managed to find the best military units in the world in 2017. It is important to know that the rankings aren’t made just on the number of weapons, but the weapon diversification was included too.

As if that is not enough, we included one more category – the population. The population is clearly one of the greatest factors which define the country. One country wouldn’t exist without its population, so we used the report from Worldometers, to find the figures for the year 2017.

After combining and overlapping all three categories, we ranked the countries according to the results. We are quite sure that the list “best country in the world 2016” would be the same since those categories cannot be changed so quickly. Not to mention that all of these countries are top information technology countries in the world as witnessed in the 16 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World in 2017, we wrote a while ago. I am sure you will be fascinated with the results we got, so let’s get down to business. Keep reading, and you will find what are the greatest countries in the world.

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