10 Countries That Spend the Most on Infrastructure

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The amount of money spent on infrastructure, especially by these 10 countries that spend the most on infrastructure, is the best indicator of how dedicated countries are to their economies well-being.

Besides having a major benefit to the community, infrastructure has always been contributing to the country’s economy. Infrastructure investments, if done properly and with a plan, can provide substantial incomes. Advanced and successful infrastructure system can enhance economic growth of a particular country on many levels. The costs of production of goods and their transportation are cut substantially with many other indirect positive factors. One of the examples for infrastructure’s positive influence on the economy is China. China’s fast economic growth in the last decades followed their large investments in infrastructure

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It’s easy to see why investing in infrastructure is important and always pays off. Of course, we must take into consideration that all countries don’t have the same opportunities and can’t allocate the amount of money they would like. Also, some countries have enough resources, but their governments don’t take infrastructure as serious as they should. On the other hands, Christmas is always taken seriously, which can be seen from our 10 countries that spend the most on Christmas.

To determine how much money is spent and which 10 countries that spend the most on infrastructure, we used a report from OECD that shows the amount of infrastructure investments in roads, rails, air-related infrastructure, inland waterways and sea related infrastructure by each country in 2013. Since one of the major infrastructure spenders China is not a member of OECD, we have found another source for China’s investments. Other investment data found were incomplete or unavailable. We summed up all the investments and converted values in Euros to US dollars.

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